Gray Construction is a regional specialty contractor company providing the most reliable contractor source available in the field of decorative stamped concrete in Lancaster County PA, Chester County PA and Berks County PA. Stamped concrete, also known as decorative concrete, imprinted concrete, or impression concrete, is concrete that is created to simulate brick designs, slate designs, flagstone designs, stone variations, tile, and wood patterns. Stamped concrete can be used to enhance pool decks, walkways, your driveway, all home and building entryways, patios, and courtyards.

Stamped concrete is cost efficient, requires very little maintenance and offers long lasting style, durability and beauty. While interest in stamped concrete grows, so do the options. Your decorative options are virtually endless with regards to stamped concrete patterns, textures and colors because unlike more expensive natural alternatives that are limited in choice, concrete can be poured into countless shapes and enhanced with an array of colors, imprints or textures that will meet or even exceed your decorative desires.

With the vast amount of information about stamped concrete flooding the Internet, we have found that a majority of people who contact us have already investigated what they like and what they want to do. And when you contact us we simply marry your vision and ideas with our stamped concrete expertise and develop a perfect solution for you.

We do not cut any corners while planning your project with you. It is important to discuss solutions, styles, colors and shades that will compliment your home or business. We compare apples to apples to give you the best results possible to fulfill your decorative concrete project.

You should know that we do all our jobs as if it was our own, whether it is a residential or commercial stamped concrete contract. I understand that each job is a major investment for each client and that fact is never taken lightly.

A walkway in the middle of a garden.
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